Saturday, October 7, 2017 8:00PM

1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98101, WA, United States
Tickets: $16.00


Winner of the Cascade Blues Association's 'Muddy' Award for Best New Act, the Rose City Kings have been packing houses and putting smiles on faces. They've also been responsible for a large amount of voluntary exercise on the dance floor.

Kolvane (lead guitar, vocals) has been writing and performing original material for over two decades. Decending from a long line of baptist preachers he is known for his passionate delivery of his songs and searing slide guitar work.


Steve Kerin (keyboards) hails from Lafayette Louisana. Introduced to Piano at the age of 4, Steve is a monster at Blues and New Orleans style piano as well as a fine singer. While Steve studied classical music in college, today he identifies his greatest influences as Dr. John, Professor Longhair and James Booker. Steve's professional work and personal musical interest extends into many genres including Rock, Classical, Jazz and Blues.


Tim Shaughnessy (bass) was raised by orcas in Puget Sound, and discovered there by fur traders in 1873. The preserving effects of fine whiskey have kept him young all this time. Needless to say, after 125 years at it he's a darn good bass player.

Rounding out the band are Gary Keeney (drums, backing vocals), David Lipkin (harmonica),  and Katy Oberg (percussion, backing vocals).