Holiday Rhythm & Blues Featuring ZHANEA JUNE with special guest THE FUNK E FUSION BAND

Saturday, December 23, 2017 8:00PM

1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98101, WA, United States
Tickets: $17.00

Join us for a special holiday celebration featuring the wonderful singer, Zhanea June with special guest The Funk E Fusion Band! 


Zhanea June is a local singer with origins in New Orleans who studied Vocal Performance at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.  She'll be singing with The Funk E Fusion, which is a collection of some of the best musicians in the Northwest who normally only play songs that have come out on either a cassette, reel to reel, or a record.  


Zhanea June on vocals

John Studamire on Bass

Mark Adams on Guitar-Vocals

Craig Washington on Drums

Micheal Miller on Keyboards-Vocals

Lonnie Williams on Sax-Vocals

Colin Pulkrabek on Saxophone


"Music is the language of the people.  We have strayed to ofar from the essence of music's true perpose, and my job is to create timelessness through sweet melodies.  Music is what's going to heal the people and our nation.  My calling is to make that happen in peace.  After all, God gave me the gift / / I just hold the mic."


~Zhanea Jones