Parties & Events


Our main entrance is located at 1414 Alaskan Way, in the basement level of the Market Square Building. There is a wheelchair accessible entrance on the Western Avenue side of the Building. There is a Highway 99 Blues Club logo and sign on the building, next to the entrance.

There are two options for handicap access:

(1) enter on Western Avenue and call Highway 99 via the elevator call box, which will ring at the bar and someone from our staff will meet you at the elevator; or

(2) if you are accompanied by someone who is able to walk down and back up a flight of stairs, park in front of the main entrance on Alaskan Way, that person can come inside and ask for an owner of manager (the primary owner/operator is Ed Maloney), then you can pull the car around to the Western Avenue entrance where someone will meet you at the elevator.

Option (2) may work better, as free parking on Western Avenue is scarce, and answering the phone can be challenging when we're busy and when a band is playing, but either option will work.

Our main entrance is located under the Highway 99 viaduct and across the street from Pier 59 and the Seattle Aquarium, just north and on the same side of the street as Public Storage, attached to the Seattle Antique Market. The front door is one flight of stairs down from ground level, and inside the club is 100% accessible as it resides all on one floor level.

Parking - there are a lot of public spots right in front of the club. Metered spots under the viaduct are free after 6pm, and there is also a row of free parking after 6pm in front of the Seattle Antique Market right next door to us (as long as your car is removed before the antique store opens the following morning at 10am, you’re safe). If those areas are full, there is also a parking lot just to the north, on the same side of Alaskan Way, in which some spots are public/metered, and others are privately owned and operated as a pay lot (rates vary). There is also a smaller number of public/metered parking as well as a pay lot on the Western Avenue side of the building, however, availability may be limited and rates may be higher, due to that side of the building’s proximity to the Pike Place Market.